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Kamis, 16 Desember 2010


Kijang Innova Type J
Kijang Innova J Grade comes with a more affordable price for the Kijang Innova, made our position as a family vehicle that most understand the needs of the Indonesian family
Kijang Innova Type E
Kijang Innova Type E appears not only stylish and powerful, but also make you and your family comfortable and safe during the trip.
Kijang Innova Tipe G
Driving more comfortable and safe with Kijang Innova Type G, make each trip with your family is always impressive.
Kijang Innova Tipe V
Kijang Innova Type V appears more complete, more luxurious, more comfortable and more secure for you and your family.

Harga Toyota Kijang Innova 2010 SurabayaHarga Toyota Kijang Innova 2010 Surabaya
[click to enlarge]
Toyota Innova in Surabaya price per Desember 1, 2010

Innova J Bisnis = Rp 184.250.000
Innova J Manual = Rp 187.150.000
Innova E Manual (AC Double) = Rp 215.800.000
Innova E Automatic (AC Double) = Rp. 228.800.000
Innova G Manual = Rp 234.050.000
Innova G Automatic = Rp 247.550.000
Innova G Manual Luxury = Rp 242.350.000
Innova G Automatic Luxury = Rp 255.850.000
Innova V Manual = Rp 266.350.000
Innova V Automatic = Rp 279.850.000
Innova V Manual Luxury = Rp 277.250.000
Innova V Automatic Luxury = Rp 290.750.000

Innova E Manual (AC Double Blower) = Rp 230.800.000
Innova G Manual = Rp 249.050.000
Innova G Automatic = Rp 262.550.000
Innova V Manual = Rp 281.350.000
Innova V Automatic = Rp 294.850.000

Specifications of 2010 Toyota Kijang Innova

Gasoline Engine VVT-i
Spesifikasi Toyota Kijang Innova
1 TR-FE DOHC VVTI 2,0 Liter, 4-Cylinder, 16 Valve
Max power 136 PS(100Kw)/5600rpm
Max torque 18,6 kg-m / 4.000rpm
There is always a torque at low speed or high, making Innova remain comfortable in all driving conditions
Diesel Engine D-4D
Spesifikasi Kijang Innova 2010
Technology D-4D engine, generating maximum performance, a subtle vibration and sound, efficient and environmentally friendly fuels.
Spesifikasi Toyota Innova

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